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Blogs • 5 hot tub roof ideas By:Daniel Robinson. November 18, 2019

5 hot tub roof ideas

Many of our customers really enjoy using their Hot Tubs in their gardens. They love spending time outside, in all weathers, and relaxing surrounded by nature. While some people confine their Hot Tub time to just the summer many use their Hot Tubs all year round and enjoy experiencing the relaxing effects of their spa in different seasons.

When you begin to think about integrating your Hot Tub into your garden you may consider adding a roof over your tub. Having a roof gives you some of the benefits of using a Hot Tub indoors, namely shelter, whilst allowing you to enjoy spending time outside. The benefits of a roof over your Hot Tub are obvious – it can provide you with shelter from the sun, from rain and even provide privacy if you’re overlooked. The type of roof you go for may depend on how you plan to use your tub.

Different types of hot tub roofs

Complete Shelter

If you want complete shelter, whatever the weather, then a full roof will be the choice for you. This will typically take the form of an open structure with 4 pillars and a sloping roof.

If your garden is particularly exposed to the elements, or is overlooked by neighbours, you may want to have several sides to you Hot Tub shelter. Solid sides can work well but you may also consider using sides made from trellis to let in light which giving you privacy.


If you just want to provide yourself with some shade and aren’t worried about complete protection from the rain then a shade roof may be your best option. This style of structure is often called a Pergola (not to be confused with a Pagoda). These can be bought, in parts to be assembled, from garden centres. If you’re confident at DIY you can build your own.

Pergolas look great in summer with a climbing plant like a Clematis or Rose growing through them.


Not all Hot Tub roofs need to be permanent and fixed in place. A large garden umbrella makes for a good temporary roof to be used in bright sunlight or light rain.

Large garden umbrellas can be bought from garden centres or ordered online. Just make sure you choose one which is adjustable and has a weighty base or you’ll be chasing it down the garden every time there’s a gust of wind.

As you can see there are a lot of options if you decide that you would like a roof over your Hot Tub. If you have any questions about Hot Tub installation and what might work best for you drop in to one of our stores and speak to one of our helpful members of staff.