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Blogs • 7 hot tub privacy screen ideas By:Daniel Robinson. November 18, 2019

7 hot tub privacy screen ideas

At this time of year, most of our gardens become the focal point of our homes – we spend lots of time outside and activities like eating, cooking and relaxing become outdoor pursuits. If you’re lucky enough to own a Hot Tub you’ll be familiar with the joys of relaxing in it and enjoying your garden even more.

If your garden is overlooked, or if you just want to keep your Hot Tub separate from the rest of your garden then a screen, gazebo or enclosure could be a great addition to your garden. A screen will help to keep your spa private and can also be used to block views you would rather not see such as a view of a road or the part of your garden you haven’t gotten around to sorting yet!

Here are some privacy screen ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Trellis

A trellis makes for a great screen, particularly if you want to block a view but allow some light through. It’s easy to soften a trellis screen by growing a climbing plant such as honeysuckle or clematis up it.

Buy from: your local garden centre.

2. Fencing Screens

Fencing screens or “hurdles” are a quick and relatively easy way of building a simple privacy screen. A variety of materials, including bamboo, willow and hazel, ensure that your screen compliments the other elements of your garden.

Buy from: your local garden centre or order online

3. Fencing

If you want a strong and permanent screen for your Hot Tub then fencing could be the answer. The great thing about a fence is that you can use pre-built panels or create the fence from scratch exactly how you want it.

Buy from: your local garden centre or find a local fencing company on Google.

4. Fabric

For a softer look why not use a fabric material as the main portion of your privacy screen? This will allow you to remove, or roll up, the fabric when not in use to give you a greater feeling of space. A wooden frame with a fabric section will give a luxurious feel.

Buy from: your local fabric shop.

5. Folding screens

A folding screen is a great choice if you want a privacy screen which you can easily move. Depending on the angle of the sun and what you want to hide you can move a folding screen with no fuss, particularly if your Hot Tub is located on or in a flat surface.

Buy from: a DIY store or online.

6. Upcycled materials

If you’re feeling creative why not upcycle something to create a one-of-a-kind Hot Tub screen? Old doors, railway sleepers or driftwood could make your screen a really eye-catching feature.  Just make sure whatever you choose is secure and won’t blow into your spa when the weather turns.

Buy from: your local reclamation yard.

7. Gazebo

A gazebo is a great way of providing shelter for your Hot Tub and can be a really interesting addition to your garden. Fabric or fencing side panels can provide privacy and the roof gives you shelter from rain or snow as well as providing some shade.

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