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Blogs • Using a hot tub for headache relief By:Daniel Robinson. November 14, 2019

Using a hot tub for headache relief

Using Hydrotherapy as physiotherapy –

This process involves using extremely different temperatures of water to reduce muscular pain, swelling & sinus inflammation.

Try immersing your lower body in the hot tub whilst simultaneously holding a cold damp towel or cold compress against the area of your head that hurts & is most intense.

For Migraine & Tension headaches you might try alternating it with a cold  bowl of water & a hot towel or compress; these alternating temperatures further stimulate the circulatory system & eases muscular tension.

Relief of Sinus headaches is best tackled by placing the towel in the approximate location of the sinuses & gentle massaging the temples. It’s best not to continue treatment beyond 25 minutes for the sake of your skin & wrap any compress in a towel to reduce the initial intensity.

Whichever you choose please take extreme care & be mindful of the temperatures involved. We are in no way medical practitioners, this is merely experience passed on by customers, peers & researched and tested on ourselves; each & everyone is different & will have positive or neutral benefit.


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