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Blogs • Hot tub garden design considerations By:Daniel Robinson. November 18, 2019

Hot tub garden design considerations

Like all elements of design, deciding how to integrate a Hot Tub into your garden design this can be broken down into a series of options. Each can have its pros and cons but it’s important to choose the option which suits you best – it’s your Hot Tub and your garden so don’t be easily swayed by the opinions of others!
Your garden design is your personal choice and there are no set rules (apart from those relating to planning permission and safety). With this in mind, this post will explain some of the options so that you can consider what will be best for you.

A landscaper or garden designer can help you if you think you would like an expert opinion. It’s still worth giving some thought to the options below however as you may want to give your designer some direction.

Time for a fresh start?

Are you looking to add a Hot Tub to an already existing garden design or are you starting from scratch? Will you be using the arrival of your new tub as an opportunity to change the layout of your garden or are you trying to work out the best way of integrating a Hot Tub into your existing layout? If you hadn’t planned to make any major changes to your garden’s design bear in mind that moving a Hot Tub can be time-consuming (depending on some of the factors we’ll come on to later in this post) so this may be the best time to re-think things.

While you’ll no doubt give some consideration to where in your garden your Hot Tub will look best, bear in mind that you may now spend most of your time in the garden inside the tub! The view from your Hot Tub should ideally be the best view in the garden.

Consider the sight lines from your new Hot Tub. If your garden has a great view (or a view you’d rather hide) then bear this in mind. Use pathways of other meandering features to provide a “route” for your eyes to take towards the best view. Use hedges, or perhaps some potted bamboo to hide anything less pleasing to the eye.

In-Ground or Above Ground

Hot Tubs can be placed above ground on a base or sunken in the ground. They can also be integrated into decking or alongside a pool. Structures can be used to house your tub or it can be out in the open. Whatever you decide will have a big impact on the look and feel of your garden so consider the options carefully.
Sunken Hot Tubs can look better integrated into your garden but, if you’re too low down, your view may be compromised. Similarly, if you want to house your tub in a wooden structure you may want to place this near a boundary (but not too near!) in order to not cut off any areas of your garden.

Boxes or curves?

It can be tempting to think of your garden as a series of squares or rectangles but garden designers typically recommend introducing curves to your design. Straight lines can be used well but paths and edges which are dead straight can seem unnatural and boring. A curving path or area of bedding adds more interesting features and lets your garden flow.
We sell round Hot Tubs but even a traditional square or rectangular tub can be easily used in a curvy garden design. Twisting pathways, a circular base or smart planting can be used to soften straight edges.