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Blogs • Redefining hydrotherapy: A journey, not a destination By:Daniel Robinson. November 18, 2019

Redefining hydrotherapy: A journey, not a destination

Upon discovering Just Hot Tubs Hot Tubs you will learn that Redefining Hydrotherapy is a journey, not a destination.

Let’s take a moment then to stop & focus on part of that journey; The Coplanar Fluid Injection (CFE) HydroTherapy System™, referred to more simply as Power Massage® – Power Massage® is a patented method of uniquely providing muscular tension relief ALONG the angles & curves of the body.

For a hot tub to work a simple act of biology must take place; the blood vessels must expand to allow the areas of poor blood circulation to open up & become deeply oxygenated. So to start the water must be at least the same as or preferably a little higher than your core body temperature.

Once veins & capillaries are open the effect of the water kneading against your body will drive the tired deoxygenated blood from the tissue, up & along the wide open veins &  back to the heart.

Now here is where Just Hot Tubs are unique –

Hot Tub jets are only made by two or three companies worldwide, no matter what you name them or how you dress them up, they work by directing water straight at the body. The water hits the body at a perpendicular angle & then disperses in whatever direction creates the least resistance.

Now if the blood is flowing up your body towards the heart to be reoxygenated, how is it going to cope when encountering an area under external pressure that may be pushing it back in the wrong direction?

The Power Massage®, Power Massage Plus® Power Stream® jets all work by pushing the water along the body towards the core, so if its the legs the water is moving upwards, if its the neck the water is moving downwards – but always parallel to & working with your body, never against it.

By designing special contours into the surface of the hot tub shell & the application of their totally unique CFE™ jet systems, Just Hot Tubs’s engineers have worked out that you can channel ribbons of therapeutic warm water & air from the neck down down the full length of your spine.

This entirely unique & vitalising therapy system is driven by patented jets concealed behind the headrests.

Just think about massage for a moment…. A masseuse will not just focus on set points on your back, but use sweeping motions the length of your body, to drive deep seated tension out of the deeper muscles. Power Massage® mimics this process.

So don’t settle for just another hot tub that focusses water through jets in static points around your back, demand a real stream of hot water therapy coursing along your body!