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Blogs • 6 things that make Just Hot Tubs a unique supplier By:Daniel Robinson. November 14, 2019

6 things that make Just Hot Tubs a unique supplier

So there are a LOT of companies out there selling hot tubs, how can you trust any of them, and better still how do you choose?

We thought it apt to outline, in a clear fashion, just why Just Hot Tubs are unique;

redefining hydrotherapy…

  • Privately owned since 1955
  • Multiple design patents keeps them one of a kind
  • Just Hot Tubs Safeguard System makes it right the 1st time
  • Industry achievement recognition:
    PoolAndSpa.com – SpaSearch.com – AmericasTopHotTubs.com – Pool And Spa Living Quality Buy – WhatSpa 2014 Approved (UK)

Just Hot Tubs are not the same as other shareholder-owned, profit-driven, high-output manufacturers. Being family-owned instils values & traditions, as well as stop checks against pure profit, motivated decisions.

a truly rejuvenating experience….

  • Ergonomic Seat Designs – for superior body support
  • Multi-Level Seating – to improve bather comfort
  • Cushioned Headrests – to ease your mind
  • Zone-In-Zone™ Therapy – means independent use for multiple users
  • Two Therapy Systems: Direct Impact & Passive Impact – water applied directly onto your body or parallel to the body
  • Stainless Steel Jet Facing – accents spa shell
  • Deep exterior shell lip – improves rigidity & heat retention

your feet & hands will applaud you…

  • Dual Speed Jet Pumps – provides dual intensities
  • Versa-Flo™ Valves – for specific & targeted relief
  • Moto Stream™ Patented Sequencing Therapy – your personal masseuse
  • Foot Jet Therapy System – looks after tired feet
  • Direct Impact Therapy™- water towards the body
  • Passive Impact Therapy™- water parallel to the body
  • Relax Stream™ Water Feature – streams in atmosphere
  • Air Controls – for customised flow pressure
  • Independent jet control – each jet can be turned on or off 

relax, let the spa do the work…

  • Circulation of 50,000 Gallons Per Day – keeps water polished
  • Continuous Filtration -keeps water clear of debris
  • Microban® Filtration – prevents smelly bacteria growing on filter cartridges
  • Continuous Whisper Zone™ Ozone Injection – enhances water quality
  • Automated Purge Cycle – circulates all spa water daily
  • Footwell Drain – for easy water removal from the lowest point
  • Air Relief Valve – to help eliminate air-locks that prevent priming upon refill

stress relieved….

  • No Programming – just choose your desired temperature
  • Auto Defaults – keep spa operating safely
  • Back Lit Controls – for nighttime use
  • Conserve Mode – efficiency and system protection
  • System Lock Outs – keep desired system settings
  • Self-Diagnostics – alert you to system issues
  • Color Blast™ LED lighting for visual
  • Internal facing controls

designed for you …

  • Full Foam insulation – for the ultimate heat retention
  • Purity Circulation™ Pump – built for efficient operation
  • Energy Index – shows operational costs with liberal use
  • TriLayer™ Spa Shell with ProTegrity™ – provides enhanced durability
  • Weather All™ – Exterior resists UV fading & cracking
  • Cover All™ – Base protects your investment from the bottom up
  • Finishing Trim – wraps the TriLayer™ Spa Shell lip in protection

The top to bottom of a great spa is all about ensuring everything is the best it can be, whether a 2pence screw or £800 insulation cover – own a spa that’s the best it possibly can be…

For far more in depth expansion on any of these points please get in touch or look them up on the main website – better still visit your local dealer to find out for yourself that not all spas are made equal…