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Blogs • What Temperature Should I Set My Hot Tub? By:Daniel Robinson. November 14, 2019

What Temperature Should I Set My Hot Tub?

This question is one that we often get asked, here at Just Hot Tubs. It might seem like an obvious question at first but it regularly confuses some new hot tub owners. Most control systems have a maximum temperature of 40º C and freeze protection that kicks in when the hot tub senses the water going below 6.7º C. This initiates the pumps and blowers to prevent the water from freezing.

These are simply the boundaries that your hot tub temperature can be within, leaving it down to you to decide what you prefer.

Some Like It Really Hot
The maximum temperature of any hot tub is 40º C for safety reasons. Any hot tub spa that goes above this is not fit for use. Some hot tubbers will like to bathe in 40º C water and within an hour or so of use on a cold night, the temperature will drop to around 37.5º, so this is reasonable. In water this hot keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

Women tend to like the temperature hotter, usually around 38/39º C. When delivering a hot tub, we usually leave the customer with the temperature set to 37º C, this is more comfortable to get in than 40º C and allows for a slight temperature drop when the hot tub is in use.

A Cool Pool?
During the summer months when the weather is warmer and you are not wanting to bathe in 38º C water then simply turn it down! It is not just a hot tub; it can be used as a cold tub! If you keep the water sanitised, it will be perfect. Not only are you enjoying your spa to cool off, you are also going to save on your heating costs!

Safety First
It is important to consult your doctor if you unsure whether hot water could affect you. Pregnant women should always avoid hot water as it can be damaging to the fetus. People who suffer with heart conditions or have high blood pressure should not use a hot tub at higher temperatures. If you are in doubt, always contact your GP.