jacuzzi jlx collection of hot tubs

J-LX Collection

The J-LX® collection of hot tubs has been designed to provide a tailored hydromassage that will leave you feeling amazed afterwards whilst being as energy efficient as possible.

Every one of the hot tubs in the J-LX® collection features divertible jets which combined with adjustable jet flow allows you to tailor your spa bath experience to suit your individual needs. Redesigned pillows allows you to rest your head and enjoy every aspect of your spa bath and with 6 seats on the J-LX® and 5 seats and a lounge on the J-LXL models ensures the perfect place for socialising as well as hydrotherapy.

Clever engineering of the high flow pump on the J-LX® hot tubs helps to refresh water up to 7 times more than on other models whilst providing energy savings of up to 48% compared to other models in its class. In addition SmartSeal insulation and a Trifusion structure increases energy efficiency to help reduce operating costs.