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Our buyers guide is here to help you find your perfect hot tub.

When looking to add an extra touch of joy to your holiday park, lodge or apartment, you might wish to consider installing a hot tub.

Not only do our commercial hot tubs help to improve the experience for your guests and increase the occupancy of your accommodation, they also help to add value to your property and can offer a great return on investment.


Create a memorable experience

Hot tubs can add an extra touch of magic to a holiday. Whether your guests are couples looking for a spot of luxury, friends seeking a relaxing break or families searching for some extra fun, our hot tubs are perfect for any type of scenario, in any type of rental property.


Increase your occupancy

Holiday lets with hot tubs are becoming more and more desirable; in fact, searches for ‘hot tub holidays’ have doubled on Google over the past three years in the UK.

By installing a hot tub, you’re helping to give your property the ‘wow’ factor. Whether you’re looking for hot tubs for a larger holiday park or a single holiday cottage, our range of Holiday Let Spa tubs will help to make your property more desirable and keep you booked up, all year long!


Add more value to your property

Installing a hot tub at your holiday let adds value to your property. In turn, this means that you’re justified in increasing your rates. While a hot tub may be an initial investment, you will reap the benefits from the increased charges from your property. A hot tub isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it makes financial sense too!


Easily maintain your commercial hot tub

All hot tubs within our Holiday Let Spa range have been designed for commercial use. Easy to install and maintain, they make it simple for you to keep clean and prepare for your next guests. They’re also HSG-282 compliant for the safety of your guests and for your peace of mind.


Meet the Holiday Let Spa range

Looking to purchase a hot tub for your holiday let? Take a look at our Holiday Let Spa range of commercial hot tubs below. Please note, if you need to buy multiple units, we can also offer volume discounts. Please contact us to discuss further.


Meet the Holiday Let Spa 4 - WhatSpa? Best Buy 2022

4 seater holiday let hot tub

If you need a bigger capacity, our Holiday Let Spa 6 is the one for you

6 seater holiday let hot tub

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