Jacuzzi Lodge Medium sized Hot Tub

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Jacuzzi Lodge Medium

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With seating for 4 to 5 people, Lodge M is an ideal addition to any medium sized holiday home and features ergonomic seating provides a comfortable place for your guests to sit, relax and enjoy their hot tub experience, whilst intuitive controls allows quick and easy operation.

Lodge M is available in three different versions: blower, hydro and hydro blower with each model offering a unique configurations of jets and blowers to deliver a unique hydromassage to each version.

Lodge M has been designed to require minimal maintenance, and with the optional heater and thanks to Quick Drainª and Complete Drain features the Lodge can be drained, cleaned, refilled and heated ready to use in just 6 hours.

Lodge M is also suitable for both freestanding and built in installation and creates the perfect complement to any garden, terrace or relaxation area whilst delivering constant efficiency, utmost hygiene and minimal maintenance.

Lodge M is compliant with HSE HSG282 Section 76.