Once you have purchased your hot tub we are still with you every step of the way. With our service and maintenance engineers on hand we will be able to ensure you get the most from your hot tub for many years to come.

We are able to work on all brands, makes and models of hot tubs and spas as we love all hot tubs.

Annual Service, Water Change, Valet & Biofilm Removal
Save £167 when you combine your annual service with a full valet, water change and biofilm removal. 

Water Change, Valet & Biofilm Removal
Our most popular option. Save £58 when you combine all your regular maintenance into one.




Is your hot tub starting to look at bit tired? Book a valet and one of our engineers will get it looking good as new in no time. This includes a full clean of the cover, head rests, cabinet and everything above the waterline. We'll also check your water and add any chemicals if required. 


UV Bulb Change
Some hot tubs use an additional UV filter which can kill 99.9% of bacteria. In addition to cleaner water, this reduces the amount of chlorine you need to use, reducing the risk of skin irritation. UV bulbs are designed to last one year and so we recommend changing yours annually as part of your service.


Annual Service
Just like a car, your hot tub needs to be inspected annually to make sure that all the parts are in good working order and increase its lifetime. During your annual service we'll open up the equipment bay and do a thorough check of all your pipework, pumps, jets, electrics and other components. We'll also change any seals if required and clean inside the equipment bay. 


Water Change & Filter Clean
Your hot tub's water needs to be replaced every three months, our expert engineers are on hand to help. This option includes a full drain & refill of your spa as well as a thorough clean of your filters.


Add Biofilm Removal
For an extra £39 we can also flush your pipework to remove any Biofilm buildup. This reduces bacteria growth inside your hot tub and will leave you with clearer water for longer.



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