Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs
Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs

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Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs

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The Cotswold by Just Hot Tubs is our Flag Ship Luxury Lounge Spa with the latest in Hot Tub Technology.

At the most popular size of 213 x 210 this hot tub offers 6 hydrotherapy seats, with 1 lounge and 5 upright seat positions that seats 6 adults.

The Cotswold has 45 hydrotherapy jets with customisable air and water blending to allow you to target all key muscle groups.

The Hot Tubs Lounger offers full body massage even with specialist Wrist Massage, targeting both legs and back with deep tissue massage. Whilst the 5 upright seats offer a combination of upper and lower back focus.

With the first pump offering Dual Speed Filtration and second pump being Dedicated Massage. The spa has a 3kW Heater as standard.

The spa uses the latest K.1000i that has No buttons, keys or overlays! Mode and function selection wheels, all-on or all-off one touch activation key of last used settings, interactive display icons and on-screen messages are all elements of the in.k1000+ user interface designed to let spa users interact intuitively with their spa.

Additional relaxation is created by the 8 colour LEDs to really help compliment your mood.

To really get the party going the Bluetooth Audio System Plus is a must, Easy yet secure connection with all of the controls very simple to use and operate - with the added bonus of a subwoofer for extra kick!

To find out more please contact us to arrange a visit one of our stores.

Dimensions 210 x 213 x 92
Jets 45
Jet Pumps 2
Circulation Pump No
Seats 6
Lounge Seats Yes
Electrical Requirements 32A