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Blogs • Spa plumbing, where all the water flows By:Daniel Robinson. November 14, 2019

Spa plumbing, where all the water flows

Further to the ‘Just Hot Tubs Difference’ series, here we outline how the Just Hot Tubs Spa® Company uses a Unique Design in the plumbing its hot tubs.

There is a four step process that the majority of the Just Hot Tubs Spa®  Models use.

Barb-Glue-FatigueLess Seal-Clamp

  • Barbs are built into the body of the fitting where the water hose slips over, this catches the hose & reduces its chances of slipping off under high pressure.
  • Glue is used between the barb & the hose to further secure the water hose in place.
  • FatigueLess Seal this process uses a special tool to overcome human error & fatigue.
  • Clamps are used over the outside of the hose, these create a ‘lock’ around the hose preventing any potential movement, ever. Removal must be performed with a special tool.

In Detail;
Just Hot Tubs Spa®  first glues the pipe and fitting, and then using a specially designed air pressure tool, it presses the plumbing fitting into the flex hose. This tool is calibrated to make sure that the fitting seats properly first time, every time into the flex hose. This tool helps to eliminate someone manually having to push the fitting into the flex pipe, over and over all day long, a tiring & repetitive job that introduces human error due to fatigue.
Just think of how many jets your new hot tub will have, each jet needs this process completing twice!

When this fitting is glued and seated in the pipe it is then clamped into place, providing a virtual leak free plumbing design.

Though cutting some of these steps would be less expensive, Just Hot Tubs believes the strength of this detail helps provide a reliability not found in other products & therefore Just Hot Tubs Spa®  can the ultimate reliability and peace of mind.

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